Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

HORIZON 2020 Project - Transforming European Industry


We are developing an innovative and universal approach for handling deformable and flexible materials for the industry.

We are integrating advanced manufacturing technologies for the automation of contact-based tasks, using a smart robotic perception system, a multi-sensor planning and control platform, and intelligent and universally dexterous grippers.

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Our Consortium

Our consortium is integrated by strategic institutions on four main axes: Industries, Small to Medium Enterprises, Research Centers, and Universities.

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SOFTMANBOT: Three years on

The SOFTMANBOT project is reaching its final stretch and the demonstrator of the footwear sector use case, with the implementation of the robotic cell in the PLASTINHER URBAN facilities, is[…]

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Results of robotic cell

Today, when we are in the final stretch of the project, we can observe with satisfaction the results of the work in the SOFTMANBOT robotic cell, in the development of[…]

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Sixth Newsletter

Our Sixth newsletter is out now! These newsletters are brought out to keep you informed on the latest developments of SOFTMANBOT project, including interviews, upcoming events, project progress and achievements, information on the project partners and other related news. Check it[…]

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