Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

Finalization of the use cases

In the last phase of the Softmanbot project, ZIMMER supports the end users and their technology partners in the final implementation of the various use cases, in addition to completing its own developments for the integration of direct force control in the gripper control system for handling soft materials. At various points, the gripper systems…
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Our last paper

The latest paper has been published! Nowadays, there are a lot of repetitive and tedious tasks carriedout by people who can be replaced by an intelligent robotic system, allowing the operators to perform other kind of dexterous works. In this paper, the tackled task is the automatic assembling of a toy doll in a real environment.In this work, authors present different intelligent systems…
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Innovative and universal approach for handling deformable and flexible materials

In SOFTMANBOT EU H2020, we are developing an innovative and universal approach for handling deformable and flexible materials for the industry.Decathlon is engaged in the project as an industrial partner, with the aim of testing this new intelligent robotic system.Working together with our partners ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA, it has been developed an intelligent robotic…
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Robotic cell’s goals

During the past 6 months both AIJU and Industria Auxiliar Juema have establish as a goal to make the adjustments on the robotic cell, establish the connection between the software and the robotic arm and as a final step during this period- the relocation of the oven, the robotic cell, and the computer to the…
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Softmanbot General Assembly_October 13th-14th Alicante

📢 The SOFTMANBOT EU H2020 project is drawing to a close! Last week the project partners attended the M36 General Assembly in Alicante.The event was an opportunity to share all the robotic solutions for traditional industries developed thanks to this EU-funded H2020 initiative for the robotization of industry.The project aims to find an innovative robotic system for handling deformable and flexible materials used…
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Footwear use-case

In the last weeks we have been working intensively at PLASTINHER URBAN facilities. The mock-up developed during the previous period at INESCOP premises has evolved towards a more industrial implementation as we have installed the robotic cell to work on a real injection moulding machine. PLASTINHER staff set the stage to allow us to install…
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Fifth newsletter

Our Fifth newsletter is out now! These #newsletters are brought out to keep you informed on the latest developments of SOFTMANBOT #project, including interviews, upcoming #events, project #progress and achievements, #information on the project #partners and other related #news. Check it out here: Want to stay in touch? You can subscribe here:

Aiju’s latest implementations on the Softmanbot project.

The H2020 SoftManBot project continues to develop approaches for the manipulation of deformable objects for the toy industry. In this last period, at AIJU Technological Institute, we have made great advances, largely integrated through the ROS framework, which bring us closer and closer to the final objective. To begin with, the whole robotic cell has…
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CA-INP contribution in WP4 and WP5

CA-INP contributes to different WP in the project.For WP4, we designed a dual quaternion based dynamic movement primitives (DMP) to learn bimanual deforamation tasks.We compared it’s performance with traditional decoupled DMP. We also added shape feedback to improve shape servoing. These methods are integerated in CA-INP mockups.For WP5, we developed further our tracking-servoing approach to be applicable in…
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CA-INP contribution to different WPS

CA-INP contributes to different WPs in the project. For WP2 and 4, we successfully managed to handle textureless objects using a 3D camera. We introduced a new tracking and a new servoing pipeline which can be implemented in practical industrial cases where there is no specific texture like the Michelin use case. Furthermore, we developed…
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