Month: September 2021

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

AIJU shares its technical progresses

The SOFTMANBOT project is progressing at a good pace. We asked to AIJU to share with us the latest updates from their perspective. “In this last period, we have focused on the development of algorithms related to the acquisition of trajectories, to obtain data from the movements of the operators, the detection of the mould and its hole for demoulding,…
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Technical updates from the project coordinator, SIGMA

SIGMA has coordinator has a full overview of the activities performed in these two years by SOFTMANBOT project. For Robotic perception, a novel pipeline named “ROBUSfT” has been proposed that generates the 3D shape of deforming objects from images coming from a monocular camera. Furthermore, a software architecture is under development that connects all project…
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