Month: September 2022

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

Aiju’s latest implementations on the Softmanbot project.

The H2020 SoftManBot project continues to develop approaches for the manipulation of deformable objects for the toy industry. In this last period, at AIJU Technological Institute, we have made great advances, largely integrated through the ROS framework, which bring us closer and closer to the final objective. To begin with, the whole robotic cell has…
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CA-INP contribution in WP4 and WP5

CA-INP contributes to different WP in the project.For WP4, we designed a dual quaternion based dynamic movement primitives (DMP) to learn bimanual deforamation tasks.We compared it’s performance with traditional decoupled DMP. We also added shape feedback to improve shape servoing. These methods are integerated in CA-INP mockups.For WP5, we developed further our tracking-servoing approach to be applicable in…
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