SOFTMANBOT: Three years on

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

The SOFTMANBOT project is reaching its final stretch and the demonstrator of the footwear sector use case, with the implementation of the robotic cell in the PLASTINHER URBAN facilities, is a reality.

In this final stretch, at INESCOP we are working on the last details, very close to the operators, with the aim of making the interface more user-friendly, training them in the way of working to generate floor demoulding trajectories with the customised pliers and, above all, familiarising them with the robotic environment and gathering their opinions in order to improve it.

We learn from the experience of the workers to teach the robot how to perform the hardest part of the task, improving the ergonomics of the workstation and making it more attractive to new generations, helping to ensure the generational renewal of the workforce.

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