Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

HORIZON 2020 Project - Transforming European Industry


We are developing an innovative and universal approach for handling deformable and flexible materials for the industry.

We are integrating advanced manufacturing technologies for the automation of contact-based tasks, using a smart robotic perception system, a multi-sensor planning and control platform, and intelligent and universally dexterous grippers.

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Our Consortium

Our consortium is integrated by strategic institutions on four main axes: Industries, Small to Medium Enterprises, Research Centers, and Universities.

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Seventh newsletter

Our Seventh newsletter is out now! After almost two months since the official conclusion of the Softmanbot project, we are excited to share our seventh and final newsletter with you.We have dedicated over three[…]

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SOFTMANBOT final meeting

Here is a photo of the entire SOFTMANBOT EU H2020 project team during the final meeting. The life of the project allowed each member to actively collaborate on every task set from[…]

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A new approach to deformable manipulation based on physically realistic continuum models.

Sorbonne Université has developed a new approach to deformable manipulation based on physically realistic continuum models. The goal of this approach is to generate a suitable robotic trajectory to realize a deformable object manipulation task[…]

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