Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

Seventh newsletter

Our Seventh newsletter is out now! After almost two months since the official conclusion of the Softmanbot project, we are excited to share our seventh and final newsletter with you.We have dedicated over three years to collaborative efforts and providing regular updates on each partner’s actions, and now this chapter is coming to a close. Check it out here:…
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SOFTMANBOT final meeting

Here is a photo of the entire SOFTMANBOT EU H2020 project team during the final meeting. The life of the project allowed each member to actively collaborate on every task set from the beginning with the aim of achieving the established goals.We faced major challenges to introduce new robotic technologies in some production contexts by finding solutions that made the…
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A new approach to deformable manipulation based on physically realistic continuum models.

Sorbonne Université has developed a new approach to deformable manipulation based on physically realistic continuum models. The goal of this approach is to generate a suitable robotic trajectory to realize a deformable object manipulation task in an industrial environment. Two main success metrics are defined: the realization of the task (ie. sole demolding, doll demolding, tire alignment, …), and the state of…
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SOFTMANBOT: Three years on

The SOFTMANBOT project is reaching its final stretch and the demonstrator of the footwear sector use case, with the implementation of the robotic cell in the PLASTINHER URBAN facilities, is a reality. In this final stretch, at INESCOP we are working on the last details, very close to the operators, with the aim of making…
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Results of robotic cell

Today, when we are in the final stretch of the project, we can observe with satisfaction the results of the work in the SOFTMANBOT robotic cell, in the development of its functions within the project, improvements in speed, dexterity and precision. Every day the oven workers are trained and instructed in their work with the…
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Sixth Newsletter

Our Sixth newsletter is out now! These newsletters are brought out to keep you informed on the latest developments of SOFTMANBOT project, including interviews, upcoming events, project progress and achievements, information on the project partners and other related news. Check it out here: Want to stay in touch? You can subscribe here:

CA-INP contributes to different WP in the project.

For WP6, for the tire use-case, we started to implement the developed lattice-based tracking and servoing algorithms on the Michelin use case.This required additional adaptations to take into account the constraints of the problem including an extra point cloud in the scene and continuous shape of the tire tread.In addition, we are working along side with Mich…
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SOFTMANBOT training activities

The final two months of the SOFTMANBOT project are here and the whole team is working hard to fully reach all project’s objectives. Last week, the final training activities for the Decathlon use case have been performed, with IIT, STAM and Decathlon teams working together to ensure a positive experience for the workers and collect…
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Finalization of the use cases

In the last phase of the Softmanbot project, ZIMMER supports the end users and their technology partners in the final implementation of the various use cases, in addition to completing its own developments for the integration of direct force control in the gripper control system for handling soft materials. At various points, the gripper systems…
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Our last paper

The latest paper has been published! Nowadays, there are a lot of repetitive and tedious tasks carriedout by people who can be replaced by an intelligent robotic system, allowing the operators to perform other kind of dexterous works. In this paper, the tackled task is the automatic assembling of a toy doll in a real environment.In this work, authors present different intelligent systems…
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