Month: February 2022

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

Recent progress in assembly and mockup

The mock-up of the SOFTMANBOT project is almost finished. We have the final design that will be implemented in the factory later this year. Currently, the latest devices such as security scanners and other cameras are being tested to be added to the final system. Also, as this project involves two different tasks (Demoulding and…
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The mould

The mould forms the basis of our work and determines the quality and precision of our final product. When we design a new sole, we must very much bear in mind its viability when it comes to its manufacturing process, which involves both replicating the desired shape and the correct unmoulding of the product. For…
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Robotic manipulation of deformable objects

CA-INP contributes to different WPs in the project. For WP2, we are working on using 3D cameras for 3D shape tracking. Furthermore, a software architecture is under development that connects all project parts for all partners. For WP4, we are working on theorizing, simulating, and testing an optimal command controller. Besides, we developed algorithm for…
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