Month: February 2021

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

Key elements in the demoulding of soles

In the world of injecting soles, special emphasis is usually put on two essential elements: The injecting machine, as its name suggests, must provide advanced control systems to guarantee the stability of a number of variables, such as the injection temperature, the initial, maintenance and posterior pressure, so as to guarantee the perfect mould filling,…
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IROS 2020

RObotic MAnipulation of Deformable Objects workshop – Thursday, November 19, 2020 Novel solutions for the robotic manipulation of deformable objects can enable new real-world tasks in areas of strategic interest. These include the manufacturing industry, agriculture, or medicine. However, deformable objects are complex to model and require the manipulation system to have high adaptability and…
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SIGMA – The preparation of the first demonstrator

SIGMA Clermont is collaborating directly with Michelin in the #SoftManBot project in order to prepare a first demonstrator.In this setup, installed at Michelin facilities at Ladoux, a robotic arm system will use Zimmer Group‘s grippers in order to assemble the components of a #tyre. The general software architecture proposed by SIGMA Clermont will not only be useful for this Michelin demo but…
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AIJU: the design and construction of the testing moulds

AIJU moves on in the design and construction of the testing moulds and the preparation of the mock-up robotic cell in our facilities. Fresh out of the oven and ready to be in again, our testing moulds have already been shipped to our European partners, in order to be able to replicate at their facilities…
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