The use of robotic machinery to manipulate flexible materials – JUEMA perspective

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

The SOFTMANBOT project was launched 2 years ago to allow various industries to use robotic machinery to manipulate flexible materials or products.

After defining the tasks and models to be used in this project, INDUSTRIA AUXILIAR JUEMA S.L. In collaboration with other SOFTMANBOT partners, has acquired a UR10-E robot and the specific rotomoulding oven for the tests in order to be able to carry out the trials at any moment without affecting the main production run. At the same time, we have applied the specially modified moulds for use with the new robotic system during the tests.

The first results have been very positive: it has been possible to remove the pieces from the moulds, with less deformation and in a relatively short time. This shows that the proposed can be achieved, improving the tools in the next months of the project.

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