Michelin and its first year of SOFTMANBOT

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

After a very particular year all around the world, we are pretty satisfied of the work done in the softManBot project.

The first stage of the work was to encounter the partners and start sharing our challenges for the robotic system with great researchers and people.

After this first stage, the time as come to better know the specificity of the mission and to describe it precisely with the partners. This explanation and focussing work were a great source of exchanges and the guarantee to have maximum comprehension and involvement.

At the beginning of summer, we had a look to the next steps and considered the WP5 and 6 as the future main big blocks and put a lot of energy to build a representative and open bench to allow partners to experiments their algorithms, gripper, perceptions and ideas on a real machine without the constraints due to the pandemic or generating perturbations on a industrially production machine.

This has been done in parallel to a deep analysis of the economic and competitive environment of the robotic cell in the tyre industry context, work that will be used as a template to produce a fine analysis of all the deliverable of the project.

After one year, we consider that we now have great basis to have first demonstration for M18.