European Robotics Forum 2021 (ERF2021) – Clustering workshop

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

The handling of soft materials with robots will play a significant role in the factories of the future, in sectors such as the textile, food, electric and electronics industries. SOFTMANBOT project, together with 3 sister projects funded by the European Commission are currently working to advance the state of the art on this challenging scientific and technological problem: APRIL Project H2020 (, MERGING Project ( and #REMODEL project (

The four projects are co-organizing a workshop on the 13th of April, to compare their approaches to soft objects manipulation and to identify synergies and specificities. It aims to increase awareness of the importance of developing solutions for manipulating soft and deformable objects, to inform about the main scientific and technical challenges involved, and to highlight the economic and societal impact of such solutions for the European industry. In order to give the audience an overview of the specific needs of various industries, each project will focus its presentation on one chosen use-case – although they all cover several industrial sectors in their work plan.

The workshop will be part of the European Robotics Forum 2021 (ERF2021), that will be held online from 13-15 April 2021.

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