Delivery of the final gripper prototypes to the partners

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

The grippers and gripping systems delivered by Zimmer so far were preliminary, generic prototypes that had not been fully adapted to the use cases in the project. After several further development cycles over the last year, the final prototypes are now ready for delivery or have already been sent to the development partners. These are a strong pneumatic gripper with max. 1400N gripping force, and an electric gripper with 120mm stroke and a max. gripping force of 250N.

For all grippers and gripping systems that we provide, special gripper fingers have been developed which have also been tested and optimised several times during the past year.

The hardware now available is to be integrated into the existing mock-ups and put into operation in the coming months. Zimmer will closely accompany this work and support the partners in the best possible way.

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