Aiju’s latest implementations on the Softmanbot project.

Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

The H2020 SoftManBot project continues to develop approaches for the manipulation of deformable objects for the toy industry. In this last period, at AIJU Technological Institute, we have made great advances, largely integrated through the ROS framework, which bring us closer and closer to the final objective. To begin with, the whole robotic cell has been moved to Juema‘s facility. In addition, the assembly of the doll parts has been improved, in collaboration with our technological partner Zimmer Group, we have managed to implement a prototype end effector for the robot that allows the reading of forces on the doll´s parts. At the same time, the user has been provided with a graphic interface to facilitate the control of the system as a whole, providing security and knowledge of the process.

Access our website and see for yourself what is happening.

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