Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

AIJU: the design and construction of the testing moulds

AIJU moves on in the design and construction of the testing moulds and the preparation of the mock-up robotic cell in our facilities. Fresh out of the oven and ready to be in again, our testing moulds have already been shipped to our European partners, in order to be able to replicate at their facilities…
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Updates from SIGMA Clermont, Softmanbot’s coordinator

SIGMA Clermont, Softmanbot’s coordinator, is a School of Engineering in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Its research activities are conducted in affiliation with Institut Pascal, an interdisciplinary research laboratory. SIGMA Clermont is a technical partner focused on developing novel methodologies for the handling of soft objects in the targeted industrial use cases. In the first year of the…
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INESCOP aims to teach the robot to execute the movements learned from the human-operator and then improve its skills through learning techniques.

As we enter 2021, it is a good time to recapitulate INESCOP’s participation in the SOFTMANBOT project. As an integration partner, INESCOP is involved in one of the four use cases: the demoulding of PLASTINHER’s injected shoe soles. Our focus is to help the development of the robotic workcell and to guarantee that it is…
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One year has passed since the start of the SOFTMANBOT project and we are several steps closer to the aim. Industria Auxiliar Juema S.L. as a toy manufacturer, participates in the project as an end user to integrate a robotic technology into its production process and faced this year a number of challenges in defining…
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MICHELIN newsletter

As a demo case partner, Michelin is proud to be part of Softmanbot project. They spread the news in the internal newsletter last month, and they were kind enough to let us share it with all of you!

Decathlon’s activities in SOFTMANBOT

Decathlon’s mission is to make sport accessible to the many. They do it everyday, in they stores and in their production sites. Decathlon is a retail company, founded in 1976 in Lille, France. Globally, is present in 46 countries with more than 80.000 employees with a total turnover of more 12 Bil€ They create, design and…
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STAM activities in SOFTMANBOT

In the context of the SOFTMANBOT project, STAM is responsible for the demonstration and validation of the robotic system in four real industrial environments. STAM, thanks to its wide experience both in funded research project and in collaborations with private companies, will represent the point of contact between end users and research partners during development…
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IIT participation to SOFTMANBOT project

The Industrial Robotics Unit (URI) at IIT specializes in advanced robotics solutions for industrial applications. The lab has worked with a host of national and multinational industries for automation of a variety of complex processes. One of our robots is also currently being installed on the new bridge of Genova (San Giorgio Bridge). Since the…
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Project Update Zimmer Group

In the past 12 months, the research project SOFTMANBOT has brought many developments to the Zimmer Group despite the difficult conditions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Before the lockdown, visits could be made to the project partners JUEMA (Alicante, Spain), PLASTINHER URBAN S.L (Elche, Spain) and DECATHLON (Tirana, Albania). Only the visit to MICHELIN (Clermont-Ferrand)…
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PLASTINHER URBAN has published an article on the ‘Asociación Española de Componentes de Calzado (AEC)’

PLASTINHER URBAN has published an article on the ‘Asociación Española de Componentes de Calzado (AEC)’ website regarding its participation in the SOFTMANBOT project, whose main objective is the development of a robotic system for handling flexible pieces which, in this case, will be applied to the extraction of shoe soles from injection moulds: “This task,…
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