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Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

The M30 General Assembly

The M30 General Assembly of the European SoftmanBot project, was an opportunity for DECATHLON PRODUZIONE ITALIA S.R.L. to see the mockup #prototype developed by our partner “Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia” operating in a real environment. Decathlon as an industrial partner of the #project is interested in the development of a #robotic technology capable of manipulating soft tissues in order to be able to…
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Softmanbot Fourth Newsletter

Our Fourth newsletter is out now! These #newsletters are brought out to keep you informed on the latest developments of SOFTMANBOT #project, including interviews, upcoming #events, project #progress and achievements, #information on the project #partners and other related #news. Check it out here: Want to stay in touch? You can subscribe here:

M30 General Assembly in Italy 4-5 April 2022

The M30 General Assembly was jointly held at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and Decathlon Italia, between Genoa and Milan on the 4th and 5th of April 2022. We are pleased to announce that all work-packages appear to be going well, and that the Fabric use case demo was also a success!! A big thank you…
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Towards a factory setup

During the last months, INESCOP has worked in close collaboration with PLASTINHER URBAN on the transition from the mock-up to the final implementation at PLASTINHER’s facilities. To this end, the mockup at INESCOP has evolved towards a more robust factory setup.First, all the hardware components that will form part of the final setup have been…
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Recent progress in assembly and mockup

The mock-up of the SOFTMANBOT project is almost finished. We have the final design that will be implemented in the factory later this year. Currently, the latest devices such as security scanners and other cameras are being tested to be added to the final system. Also, as this project involves two different tasks (Demoulding and…
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The mould

The mould forms the basis of our work and determines the quality and precision of our final product. When we design a new sole, we must very much bear in mind its viability when it comes to its manufacturing process, which involves both replicating the desired shape and the correct unmoulding of the product. For…
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Robotic manipulation of deformable objects

CA-INP contributes to different WPs in the project. For WP2, we are working on using 3D cameras for 3D shape tracking. Furthermore, a software architecture is under development that connects all project parts for all partners. For WP4, we are working on theorizing, simulating, and testing an optimal command controller. Besides, we developed algorithm for…
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Road to WP6 and exploitation !

The SoftManbot project was presented to our technical teams in charge of introducing technological innovations in our plants. From the beginning of our discussions, the potential of the advances brought by the Softmanbot project became obvious. During the brainstorming, many use cases were identified, in the ergonomic field, for productivity or to improve the flexibility…
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Industry 5.0 workshop hosted by STAM

The event “All we want for Christmas is a circular world” organised by Stam on December 14th 2021, addressed several strategic and relevant issues for the future of cities and the economic and social fabric connected to them. Thanks to the masterly chair of Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut, extremely topical issues in the…
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Delivery of the final gripper prototypes to the partners

The grippers and gripping systems delivered by Zimmer so far were preliminary, generic prototypes that had not been fully adapted to the use cases in the project. After several further development cycles over the last year, the final prototypes are now ready for delivery or have already been sent to the development partners. These are…
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