Advanced Robotic Technology for Handling Soft Materials in Manufacturing Sectors

Road to WP6 and exploitation !

The SoftManbot project was presented to our technical teams in charge of introducing technological innovations in our plants. From the beginning of our discussions, the potential of the advances brought by the Softmanbot project became obvious. During the brainstorming, many use cases were identified, in the ergonomic field, for productivity or to improve the flexibility…
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Industry 5.0 workshop hosted by STAM

The event “All we want for Christmas is a circular world” organised by Stam on December 14th 2021, addressed several strategic and relevant issues for the future of cities and the economic and social fabric connected to them. Thanks to the masterly chair of Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut, extremely topical issues in the…
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Delivery of the final gripper prototypes to the partners

The grippers and gripping systems delivered by Zimmer so far were preliminary, generic prototypes that had not been fully adapted to the use cases in the project. After several further development cycles over the last year, the final prototypes are now ready for delivery or have already been sent to the development partners. These are…
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MICHELIN: A great step forward in tyre use-case

In the last months, Sigma’s team (now Clermont INP) and Michelin’s team have made great improvement. Thanks to a big integration work, we now have a first implementation of shape servoing, allowing the use to animate the dual arm tire building demonstration. The rubber parts alignment is good, and the focus will soon shift to…
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Decathlon Produzione Italia and Bocconi develop the first economic assessment for SOFTMANBOT project

Decathlon Produzione Italia and Bocconi develop the first economic assessment for SOFTMANBOT project Decathlon Produzione Italia, as an industrial partner of the Softmanbot Project, carried out, in collaboration with the Bocconi University of Milan, the first economic assessment related to the project and a first feasibility study regarding the use of the developed new technology.  The purpose was…
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Plastinher dissemination activities

Plastinher participated in two events to promote the Softmanbot project First event at the FUTURMODA fair, in October 20th and 21st in Alicante. For more informations you can visit Second event at the LINEAPELLE fair, in September from 6th to the 8th For more informations you can visit

INESCOP article for the World Footwear magazine

We are glad to announce that INESCOP prepared an article on Robotic demoulding for the World Footwear magazine that has already been published. You can download it here

The use of robotic machinery to manipulate flexible materials – JUEMA perspective

The SOFTMANBOT project was launched 2 years ago to allow various industries to use robotic machinery to manipulate flexible materials or products. After defining the tasks and models to be used in this project, INDUSTRIA AUXILIAR JUEMA S.L. In collaboration with other SOFTMANBOT partners, has acquired a UR10-E robot and the specific rotomoulding oven for…
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AIJU shares its technical progresses

The SOFTMANBOT project is progressing at a good pace. We asked to AIJU to share with us the latest updates from their perspective. “In this last period, we have focused on the development of algorithms related to the acquisition of trajectories, to obtain data from the movements of the operators, the detection of the mould and its hole for demoulding,…
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Technical updates from the project coordinator, SIGMA

SIGMA has coordinator has a full overview of the activities performed in these two years by SOFTMANBOT project. For Robotic perception, a novel pipeline named “ROBUSfT” has been proposed that generates the 3D shape of deforming objects from images coming from a monocular camera. Furthermore, a software architecture is under development that connects all project…
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